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Farewell to High Sierra Botanicals

July 4, 2015 – Dear friends – After many months of deliberation, I have come to the realisation that I cannot keep High Sierra Botanicals going. Let us all be thankful that we could experience the brilliance in Holly's products when we did. There are no more products available. Goddess Bless.

Much love – Geoff

We have a wide selection of exceptional, all natural healing remedies and products that are proven to be gentle, effective, safe, and free of harsh, synthetic chemicals. Working with a broad palette of botanical ingredients, Holly Beatie creates some of the finest body and natural skin care products on the planet. Her formulas are earth friendly blends of organic herbs, therapeutic grade essential oils and hydrosols, cold and expellor-pressed oils and butters, and complimentary flower essences.

High Sierra Botanicals offers alternative healing remedies and natural skin care products like our intense moisturizing anti aging wrinkle cream, balms and salves, aromatherapy essential oils and aromatherapy sprays , and medicinals like our best scar treatment, toenail fungus treatment, and natural pain relief products. Try our highly effective and non-toxic natural insect repellent, our sensuous hydrating body wash shower gel, and field-tested natural lip balm.

The award-winning Ah-Mend wound ointment, and Dermanator natural remedy for eczema and shingles treatment, are some of our best-selling products. And don’t miss our unique line of natural perfumes, body scents and perfume oils .

High Sierra Botanicals offers natural, healthy alternatives to mass-produced products that are full of synthetic preservatives and fillers. If you want the finest quality for yourself and your family, explore these hand-crafted, gentle yet powerful, natural healing formulations. We continually strive to create the best all natural products for ourselves, our families, and our customers.

Check out our gift packages or just search through the products one by one to discover ways to take the best care of your body with High Sierra Botanicals’ all natural products. Thank you for shopping with us today!

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achy-breakybalms and salves
lively upartomizers
alpen glowscents and perfumes
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